Exploring My Domain

You might think that you know your domain like you know the taste of your own fur, but if you just change perspective, you can find something new.

That’s what I’ve found lately. Again and again I’ve found great hidey-holes; under wardrobes and tables, in cupboards and on sofas.  One of my favourite places is under the clean washing. My persons have an inside washing thingy where they hang their person fur  they called ‘clothes.’ (Sometimes they hang my blankie on it too ‘though.)

When the fur is hanging down it creates a great place to hide. And the smell….aah, lovely! Nothing like the smell of freshly washed fur. (Not sure how they do it because I never see them licking it.)

Lately I have made some new discoveries. I’m curious by nature…

investigating bag

I just want to know….to explore…to learn everything. And so I sniff and scratch, look about and climb.
I’ve found a good route up onto the pantry, across the counter where my female person makes food…across the stove…to the sink. There’s some interesting stuff there.

Exploring pussy Aug 15

Not sure what this thing is, but it sure smells good!
My female person likes to stand around this area, so there’s got to be something special about it. I haven’t discovered what it is yet.

Just on from here is the sink. The water there tastes so much better than the water in my bowl. I wonder why?
From there I can jump up on top of the fridge and look down at everything. I like that. Only I haven’t discovered how to get down from there. I have to half-slide back down to the sink. It’s okay, but I wish there was another way.

Well, that’s the extent of my travels so far. My next plan is to find a way up on top of the bookcase in the study!
If I can conquer that, I’ll have conquered everything!

Ciao fellow feline explorers!


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