Food & Prey

What do you like to eat?
What do your persons serve you?
My persons usually serve me big, hard cat biscuits. They’re yummy!
Only lately my male person came home with some little bikkies too.

Now I get a mix of the two and to be totally honest, it’s rather underwhelming. The little ones are easier to eat, sure. But they just aren’t as tasty! Rather disappointing it is.
Sometimes I get little tidbits and tastes of person food. I really like a number of things. You might be surprised at what:

-Chestnuts & chestnut water.
A while back my female person boiled some chestnuts. She put them on my table to peel and so I helped myself to the water. It was nice! And then when I sniffed the chestnuts she gave me a bit of a broken one. I tell you, it was really moreish! Couldn’t get enough of them!

– Lamb mince
Okay. Any mince, really. Mince is good. Except for chicken mince, of course.
My female person tries again and again to feed me that garbage. It really is disgusting!
Why would a person eat chicken…when they could eat lamb or beef or cat biscuits!?
I see my persons eating chicken and I really don’t understand.

Admittedly I don’t mind the stuff if it’s in a sauce. I like to lick soup. Even if it has chicken in it, it usually has lots of other tasty things in it, so I hardly notice.

-Soup & Curry

Yes, I really like saucy stuff. Soups…curries…stews….anything with a sauce, really.

I can’t say what my favourite is; all of the food my female person dishes up usually tastes pretty good.
I think chestnuts might be my favourite, though.
And yoghurt!
Yoghurt is yum!
Once I licked the yoghurt off the top of my female person’s breakfast bowl. I wasn’t really interested in what was underneath….but yoghurt….oooh yoghurt! Soooo good!
And it was just sitting there on my table. That meant it was for me to taste, right?

What are your favourite foods? And do you hate chicken too?
Well, ciao for now.

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
I normally don’t catch my food but sometimes I do –  crickets and moths and stuff like that.
I like to chase things…my mousie (even though I can’t eat it. It’s not a real mouse.)
And here I am with my hunting game.

Missy & leaf toy aug 15 It’s good practice.
I think it’s supposed to smell nice. Sure, it’s interesting, but I prefer for run & chase it.
If its smelling you want, I recommend freshly washed person fur.

Missy sniffing H's clothes


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