The Black And White Bird

The other evening my female person came home with a black and white bird.
It wasn’t singing or chattering.
I’m not sure why she brought it inside my home.
I sometimes spy birds outside.
Little ones visit the tree outside my big window.
Sometimes they knock on the glass with their beaks to say hello.
I try to talk to them and mew and chatter back.
But it seems that they can’t hear me.
It’s always disappointing to see them fly off without even saying goodbye.*Sad face*

Sometimes I see magpies but this wasn’t one of them. It was smaller I think.
My female person wouldn’t let me see it properly.
She hid it away in the study.

Over the night she kept popping in and out of the room – presumably to look at the bird.

When it was time for bed I waited for her – on top of the bed.
Finally she came in.
And slept and slept for a long time.

My male person got up before her. And brought the bird out in a box.
It wasn’t moving.
I watched as my male person took the bird outside.
He dug a hole and buried the unmoving bird in it, underneath the tree.
Then he covered it up. And began doing some other things in the garden.
I’m not sure what he was doing, or why the bird wasn’t moving.

What happened to it?
Why was it brought home?
So many things I don’t understand.
At least the sun was warm today.
Lying on sofa with legs outstretched


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