The Byrds, The Bird & the Tree

To everything there is a season….turn turn turn…

This is me licking my paw and thinking about that black and white bird.
Behind me is the tree under which my male person buried the bird.

Missy licking paw & plum

Can you see that the flowers are almost gone?
Now it is full of leaves.

Before it looked like this:

Missy & Sun aug 15
Lots of flowers…

And this:

Missy & plum Aug 15

I wonder when the flowers will come back again.
And when will I see that little bird that sometimes visits this tree?
Will I have to wait for a long time, until it gets hot, then cold and then the flowers come again?

What about the black and white bird my male person buried? Will I see it again I wonder…

My female person got me to listen to this song today.
She seems to like music like this. (Whereas my male person prefers classical music.)

And ciao for now.


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