How I Learnt to Write

My fans may be wondering how I learnt to write so well.

The truth is a lot of cats can read, we just don’t always let on.

Cats are very mysterious creatures, you know, and most of us like to remain that way.

Although I am a shy and introverted cat – like many cats – like many human introverts, I am good at expressing myself in words. Words are my thing. It’s just unfortunate that pussy-cat mouths are not well adapted to speaking human languages. So when I open my mouth to say, ‘Mummy, what are you doing?’ it doesn’t come out that way. I have to settle for cute little mews and chirps. That’s life when you’re a cat.

Cats are not good at people talk. Neither are we that good at hearing spoken language. We do hear & understand some things, but reading & writing is just easier for us.

Now, we cats like to sit on paper. We particularly like to sit on newspapers.

How many of you have sat at the table or lay down on the floor to read a newspaper & had your cat come along and sit on top of it? It is a common gripe for persons, no?

But please don’t be upset. It’s not what you think!

There is a common misconception that cats sit on paper for the warmth. There is some truth in that.

But more often than not we are just wanting to read. See, cats are very intelligent, and we learn to read by a form of osmosis. The more we sit on paper with writing on it, the more we are exposed and the better we get at reading.

Nowadays humans tend to read more online (unless you are an old person –  or like cats enjoy the feel of the paper against your body…) so more and more cats try to peek at computer screens and even sit or walk on computer keyboards. This also is a way we learn the rudiments of reading.

Missy helping me study

I know persons tend to teach their little person-kittens to read by first starting with the alphabet. I really don’t understand that. Isn’t it better to show them words and stories first?
Reading before writing, I say!

Yay for osmosis in reading!

But everyone gets tired after studying, right?

Missy napping on desk

We cats are no different. And a nap does wonders!

So there you go, I’ve let you in on our secret.

So next time you see your moggy sitting on a pile of papers, please be patient; your puss is simply learning to read…or perhaps enjoying the warmth & feel of the paper. (It is a delicious feeling after all.)

Well, ciao and miaow for now. XX

P.S. This is my Mummy’s study & me looking outside.
I do like the study! So many books….and so many interesting things to see out the window.

Missy looking out study window from inside out


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