How to be a Feline Muse

This morning I went in to wake up Mummy.
It was getting late and I hadn’t had my morning intake of love and affection.

‘Rrrow!’ I said, standing at the bedroom door.  Rrow means, ‘Where are you and why aren’t you giving me attention? I need some love!’
The door was open to I went in and jumped up on the bed. Then I padded my way up to the pillow and had a peek. Just then Mummy opened her eyes and looked at me. She gave me the pat I coveted and held out her fingers. I nudged them with my nose before quickly marking her with the side of my mouth.

She began to pat me and got up and patted me some more. It was so comfy there on the bed that I began to do my thing. Quickly Mummy ran to get her phone and immediately began to take photos. *sigh*

Sept 10 shy missySee, I really am a rather shy pussy.

Missy Sept 10 2015

Here Mummy caught me face on. I really am shy tho.
It doesn’t seem to matter. My persons love me anyway.
I’ll let you in on my secret.
If you want to be a muse for a person or persons, it really is quite simple.

Basically all you need to do is the following:

1. Be a cat.
2. Be a nice-natured cat (no hurtful biting or scratching or other nastiness.)
3. Do what comes naturally.

Here is a simple example of me doing my thing:

Sept 10 paw licking missy

Here I am licking my paw.

You wouldn’t believe the reaction I got to this!

Mummy kept cooing and taking pics saying how cute I am.
My persons particularly seem to like it when I do the following (in no particular order:)

1. Clean myself

2. Yawn

3. Stretch

4. Sleep

5. Hunt
6. Look out the window

7. Glance at them

8. Look pussy-cat kisses at them

9 Eat

10. Talk

See how easy it is!?
Thanks to my talents as a feline muse, I am on easy street!
It’s a sweet life.
And my patrons are pretty good….good enough to worship me. He he!
The Egyptians had it right! *Big grin*

If you can add anything else to my list of how to be a feline muse, please do tell!

Ciao and miow for now! XX


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