Having You been Missying me?

It has No been many many sleeps, naps, nights and eats since I last wrote. It doesn’t seem like it has been such a long time, but I have been busy doing my thing. Bears hibernate,cicadas sleep under the ground for a long long time, and we cats need our naps. As an artsy feline I need my me time: time to nap, watch the birds and butterflies, think and dream. That’s just how it is. Sometimes it’s all just too much.


During my time away I did get some messages from fans. It is for my fans that I have returned. No doubt you are all wondering what I’ve been up to.


Well, I have slept in a variety of interesting spots and watched the world go by. Had some nice pats and saved my female person from loneliness. More please.jpg

Sometimes she just needs me to be with her. She doesn’t always realise this so sometimes I have to remind her with some chirps and mews.

With Mummy.jpg

At other times I need some ‘Missy time’ or have some work I need to do…such as explore or sniff something. Unfortunately my male person is STILL not accepting that I DISLIKE very much to be held and hugged. I continue to make my feelings known but he seems to be a slow learner. He does try my patience at times. It can be trying at times having such an important job as owning a human. In my case it’s two!


When I do pull away I try to make it up to my male person by being extra-smoochy after. I know he appreciates it. He shows it by putting out my very own glass of tea. Of course, everything that appears on the coffee table belongs to me…


Well, ciao miaow for now.


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