Ms Missy the ‘Keiji Cat’

I’ve heard my male person say it many a time.
‘Missy is such a Keiji Cat. She must have been a detective in a previous life!’
My female person always laughs at this.
To be honest, I really don’t know. I don’t remember a lot of what happened before I came to live with my male and female persons. I really cannot for-the-nine-lives-of-me remember what happened before I was born, or earlier.

My male person is sure that I was a female ‘Keiji’ (That’s Japanese for a detective, by the way!) Whatever I was in a prior life, I don’t know, but it is true that in this one I like to explore and examine things.


Here I am making certain that the clean washing was up to scratch. It did smell quite fresh and lovely.

Then, not long ago a new climbing thing was brought home. It was just what I needed; more shelves to sleep and sit in, more spaces to explore, more things to climb up on and survey my domain.


It is rather comfy on the shelves. They make a great spot to sit and watch my male person work, or just for me to relax and muse.

New shelf.jpg

My male person likes rocks and so do I,  I must admit. Some have a nice, salty taste to them. I enjoy the odd lick of two of their surfaces. They’re also good for rubbing up against.


Who knows what I will find next? I have no idea, but I am sure it will be fascinating, and hopefully nice to sniff.

Well, until next time, ciao miaow.


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