About Missy

Nyum nyum…huh? So I have to say something about myself here? Uh….*licks lips*

Name: Missy Milky Mo
Aliases: Puss-puss, Nyanko, Nyanpoko, Fuku-chan (my male person calls me that sometimes)
Age: About 2 years old
Personality: shy but pleasant
Likes to eat/drink: Cat biscuits, Asian teas, water, crickets, juicy fat moths
Dislikes: chicken in any form, cockroaches
Hobbies and interests: Looking at the outside world, eating, drinking, playing chase-the-cord, playing soccer, sniffing clothes fresh from the washing machine, sniffing my male person’s jeans when he gets home from work, play biting my female person, hiding & running around the house.


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