Sunny Days

Lately  it’s been warm a lot & I’ve been soaking up the sunshine.
I have lots of fav places for sunbaking

Missy sunbaking asking what

I don’t know why my female person bothered me here.
She’s always trying to take pics of me!
I rarely leave home & still am constantly followed by paparazzi!

Sunbaking Missy

‘Ye good olde sofa

Missy & Sun aug 15

Missy & plum Aug 15

The plum outside is looking very pretty, don’t you think?
Occasionally we get little flitting things in it.
They chirp & tap on the glass. I do so wish they’d come in and let me play with them.
When they fly off it’s such a disappointment.
Wish I could fly!
Maybe once day…*sigh*

Sleeping Missy Aug 15

Lately it’s been so warm that I don’t even need to curl up on my persons’ bed for warmth at night.

Well, it’s nearly time for my bed right now.
Wonder what my persons are doing?

Ciao for now!


A Note on Names

Everyone has pet names.
It was my carer who named me ‘Missy.’

I had another name before that, but that was a long time ago. Or so it feels.

Now I have lots of names. My male person calls me many things:

‘Missy Nyanpoko-san’


It was my female person who started calling me ‘Nyanpoko’ and ‘Nyanpoko-san.’
But she has many many more pet names for me:
‘Missy Nyanpoko-san’ and of course, ‘Missy.’

I like it. It’s nice to have so  many pet names. I know it’s because my persons love me so much.

They think I’m cute. *grin*

But it actually goes two ways. I have names for them too!
Yeah, I know that they have person names. But whatever. I prefer the pet names I have for them.

They belong to me, after all. I get to name them.
My male person I think of as ‘Smelly male-person’ or ‘Smells-a-lot.’
Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way, mind you.

He goes out into the big ‘outside’ a lot and comes home with his ‘person furs’ smelling of all sorts of things.

I love to sniff his dirty clothes. They smell so fresh and green.

They smell of the sorts of things that my persons bring home sometimes: grass and plants and dirt.
When his furs are washed and hanging up I like to sniff them. They have a different but still nice smell to them then.
(For more on person fur see

Missy sniffing H's clothes

Sometimes I think of my male person as the Cuddle Monster because he likes to give me hugs – which I don’t like.
I know he just wants to hold me because he adores me so much.
It’s not my thing tho. I just put up with it because I like him so much; sometimes we have to do things we don’t really like for the persons we love.

Then there’s my female person. I don’t have as many names for her.
I think of her as ‘Mummy’ and that pretty much sums her up.
Although I do sometimes think of her as ‘Cat person.’

She’s not a cat person like me, but she likes to sleep and look outside. She sleeps more than my male person and likes to play with me. I think maybe she used to be a feline. Or maybe she just wants to be one.
I understand that – who wouldn’t want to be a cat!?
I love being a cat.*Smiley face*

Oh, I almost forgot! I have two more names for her:
She loves to touch my nose for some reason!
I think it’s how she shows her affection.
So to return the affection, I often rub my nose against her outstretched fingers, and then quickly wipe my mouth on her hand – making her mine…mine…MINE! FOREVER!!
smooching 2

Ha ha ha! She has no idea!

I do love my persons!
Well, better go see what Mummy & Smelly-person is up to.

Ciao for now.

The Shaggy Carpet Beast

Once again my female person and I went to visit Nanna & Poppy.
This time I wasn’t so scared – I was scared while I waited in the cage thingy, but then my female person took me to the car.
And opened the door.
We got in…and there was Nanna!
So, I was pretty certain of where we were heading.
Nanna & Poppy’s house is quite nice – a nice place for a holiday. There are some nice window sills I can sit on and look out at the big, wide ‘outside’ place. I like that. There are also lots of places to hide in, under & behind. I like that too!
But this time, there was something wrong. Something not right at all…

That something was the Shaggy Carpet Beast!

As soon as my female person carried me inside, the Shaggy Carpet Beast jumped up in excitement.
I think maybe it wanted to eat me…or something. Maybe. Maybe not…

Thankfully my female person took me swiftly to our room at Nanna & Poppy’s and let me out.

She put MY blankie on the bed and stroked me reassuringly.

She’s good like that. Very soothing!

After a while my female person carried me out of our room. Right away the Shaggy Carpet Beast began to yell at me in her terrible voice.

It took me a while but I finally worked out what the Shaggy Carpet Beast was.It was a DOG!!

Maybe it didn’t mean any harm after all, but dogs are very bad mannered. They know nothing about how to talk to a feline. Quite ignorant they are!

Maybe some can learn, but most of the dogs I’ve come across are barbarians. You just never know.

My female person carried me to the window sill and let me enjoy the view. But later she sat me up on the back of the sofa. It was too close to the shaggy beast for comfort, so I slipped down and hid behind the sofa. It took a while before even my kind female person could coax me out.

Missy behind sofa 1

We stayed for two nights and then came back home to our male person.

He was happy to see us. So happy that he hugged me…again! (He does love that!)
I was happy too. I had my persons all to myself again, and no Shaggy Carpet Beasts in sight!

To celebrate our homecoming my female person and I played and ran around the house.

Holidays can be nice…but it is always good to come home!

Missy on bed at night

This is me on our bed at Nanna & Poppy’s house.
Well, sweet dreams & ciao for now.

Person Fur

Persons are curious cats. One thing that I find mysterious is how persons take off their fur.

Why do they do this?
I think they call their fur ‘clothes.’ Yep, that’s it. But I don’t understand the point.

Just the other day my female person went out into the scary ‘outside.’
She was carrying a box thingy with her fur in it. I watched amazed once again at how she can go out into that ‘outside’ place and not be afraid. It’s a scary, scary place!
She soon put the box down and began hanging her fur up on some string. Then later she brought them inside again, folded them up and hid them somewhere. Why do they do that?
My female person seems to wash her fur/clothes.

Personally I don’t understand the need for this whole process. We cats never take our fur off. And if persons licked themselves more, well they wouldn’t need to wash their fur! That would give them more time for important things like looking out of windows and sleeping.

There is one impressive thing about persons’ removable fur – it comes in all different patterns! They can change those patterns when they feel like. It might be interesting to change my pattern. Maybe I would try having a dark mustache on a light face for once?

Missy on pattern

This is a picture of some paper. My female person was cutting it up to make some new fur – apparently.
This is me helping her.

If you know more about the removable fur situation, please write and let me know.

Ciao for now!

Sleeping Beauty

My female person sure likes to sleep!

Since my male person has come back, it’s back to normal for me. This means waking a bit before the morning birds sing & mewling to get my male person up. He’s an early-riser but usually needs a bit of encouraging to get up & feed me my brekkie.

After my morning meal I enjoy gazing outside of the window for a while. That big ‘Outside’ place is always fascinating 🙂

Then after a bit I go in to see my female person. By the time it’s light I’m getting to need a bit of love & attention,  so I go in to the bedroom & miaow to greet my female person good morning. She usually looks down & gives me a pat before closing her eyes & going back to sleep. Sometimes I’m alright with that but sometimes I need more pats. The oother day was one such day.

Yet…my female person went back to sleep. So I miaowed some more & got more pats. Then she went back to sleep again…even though I NEEDED more attention. In the end I sat down next to my sleeping female’s pillow & stared at her. For about an hour. Or something. I guess ‘an hour’ means a long long long long long long time,  right?

I waited & stared & stared & waited sending a mental ‘wake up! Wake up & play with me!’ the whole time.

Finally she got up. By that time I’d given up & lay down for a nap myself. All that mental messaging had me pooped.

Then once my female had got up…I climbed in. It was still nice & warm there. It was good of her to get out so I could sleep there *grin*

She snapped this as I napped. Mmmmm bed is the best place to nap on chilly days!


Ciao pussycat friends! And good night!

Holiday at Nanny & Poppy’s House

Things have been a bit messed up lately.
So, my female person told you about how we went to stay at her parents’ house.
I didn’t really understand until what that had been all about until I read her guest posts.
(I’m much better at written English than spoken. I wish I COULD talk English though! It would make life so much easier!)

Anyway, as my female person said, she put me in the cage thingy and took me to a strange place. (Now I know it was her parents’ house.)
Fortunately it was quiet when we got there. She shut us up in a small room and my female person lay my blanket on the bed. That was a nice touch – something from home, you know…
But it took a while to get used to things- for two reasons:

1. There was no space under the bed. Under the bed is my fav hiding spot…so it was upsetting to not be able to dive under and out of sight.

2. After a while a very noisy girl-kitten-person arrived.

The girl-kitten-person tried to get my attention. It seemed that she wanted to play or talk with me or something, but she was a bit scary – I don’t like big noises! My female and male persons know that…and usually respect that. I think they’re a bit like me – they don’t seem to like big noises either!

Anyway, after a while the girl-kitten-person went home. Then a male person arrived. He tried to get my attention. I didn’t realise at the time but he was my female person’s father. He seemed to LOVE me! He kept trying to pat me and called me to him. I sensed early on that he was a cat-lover.

Once I got used to the place I sat on the back of the sofa and enjoyed the scenery. It was a little noisy with lots of cars and sometimes dogs who would bark and bark and bark!
I explored the house – climbing under chairs, sofas, beds, climbed up on wardrobes…finally I found a nice sunny spot.
It was perfect!
Missy looking out window

So I sat there all day. *Sigh*
Birds flew into the tree outside of the window.

When my female person went away for the night, her parents were kind to me. The man-person played with me.
The woman talked to me a lot. Once I climbed up on her lap to say hello back.
It was a bit scary to start with, but it was quite a nice holiday in the end. I wouldn’t even mind going there again some time.

Well, thanks for following and ciao for now.

Guest Post – A Few Days with Nanny & Poppy

One weekend I was going to Sydney for the night and needed Missy to be babysat.
This may happen again in the future, so I took her to my parents’ place for a few days.
I thought she’d struggle when I tried putting her in the cat-carrier, but she was surprisingly cooperative.

She did cry in the car, poor thing! It hurt me to hear her upset. Fortunately my place is only ten or fifteen minutes from my parents’ place, so it wasn’t a long trip.

To make sure Missy soon settled in, I took her scratching post, toilet, toys and even the towel I have in ‘her spot’ on the sofa.
As soon as we arrived I shut the two of us into the smallest bedroom in the house and lay Missy’s towel out on the bed to show her that it was her spot.

For a few hours nobody else was at home, so I gradually introduced Missy to the house.
In the afternoon my parents came home…and my niece (who is a bit noisy) came to visit.
Missy was a bit scared of the noise, but things got better.
That night she slept with me. Soon she got used to the house and claimed a few places as her own.
Missy on bed

My Dad, who is very much a cat person adored Missy. Mum was almost as equally taken with her and soon was chatting away to her.
We stayed two nights together at ‘Nanna & Poppy’s house.’ Then I went to Sydney and Missy stayed with my parents’ by herself. When I got back I heard that she was a delight.
Mum commented that she was ‘good company.’
Dad asked if we wanted to stay another night…lol
After I took Missy home, my mum told me that she missed her.
I’m not surprised – Missy is a sweet cat. She is such a delight – so sweet natured and cute!
She really is my ‘muse.’ She has brought my husband and I a lot of joy.

Missy looking out window

This is Missy at my parents’ place. She liked to sit on the window sill and move along as the sun moved. lol

And last of all, this was the sight from the bedroom we slept in…

Morning at Mum's

Guest Post – Missy’s ‘Female Person’

Things have been out of the ordinary these past  few weeks. My husband went overseas for 18 days so it was just Missy and me, her ‘Female Person. ‘ I told her that he was going away but who knows how much she understands!? She seemed to sense something was going on when he opened the suitcase and began packing. Just as he was about to leave he reached out a hand to her. She ran and hid under the bed. I felt sorry for him. ‘She probably knows you want  to hug her,’ I commented sadly. ‘It’s okay – I hugged her earlier! ‘ (Aah so that’s why she had hidden from him!) For the first few days after he left Missy seemed confused. She ran about frantically, or so it seemed to me. Neither of us are used to not having him around but soon we settled into a new routine: me not feeding her til 7 am, the two of us sleeping together on the bed…Missy seemed to want to be with me even more than usual – she would sit and stare at me while I was on the computer or she would try to get my attention by walking to & fro in front of it. A number of times she even walked across my keyboard. Missy wanting to be with me When I tried to cut out a clothing pattern she helped by sitting on top of the brown paper. When I tried to use the measuring tape she thought it was a game and began playing with the end. Missy on pattern She was great company though. Then one day I put her in her cat carrier and we went off on an adventure.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Person

How do you get the most out of your person? What works for you ; cute poses, aggression, miaowing loudly, smooching and rubbing up against them?

I find that I have to change tactics according to the person.
As I mentioned before my male person is a real softy.

‘It’s 4:30 already and I think I didn’t feed her as much this morning, so she’s probably hungry! ‘ I’ve heard him say to my female.

‘But it’s not even 5 O’clock! It’s way too early! If you feed her now she’ll whinge later that she’s starving!’ my female replies.’

On the whole my male caves pretty easily. For a softy, the following works well:

1. Chirping cutely

2. Miowing loudly

3. Mewling pitifully
4. Throwing myself down and showing my tummy
5. Rubbing up against his legs

6. Walking in front of him when he’s reading

7. Sitting by my food bowl and mewling quietly

Things that work with my female are quite different.

Basically I can’t get her to feed me until she decides it is time for food *Sad face*

But a cat needs other things apart from food and while my male is a softy when it comes to food,

my female is the softy when it comes to play and attention.

So when I’m feeling a bit lonesome and in need of a pat, I find the following works with my female:

1. Miowing loudly using my ‘Where are you, I’m so lonely?’ voice

2. Rubbing up against her legs

3. Showing my tummy

4. Walking in front of her or sitting in front of her and staring at her.

When she is on MY computer I try other things such as:

1. Sitting on the seat next to her and just gazing silently at her.

2. Making small noises so she knows I want to jump up on MY computer desk

3. Sitting next to MYcomputer and staring at her

4. Sitting behind MY computer and sniffing it, or looking over at what she’s writing.

And last but not least…
5. Walking back and forth in front of the computer or ON the keyboard.

If all else fails, THAT always gets her attention and she usually rewards me with a rub behind the ears or a pat.

So, these things work for me. What works with your person?