Guest Blog – Tummy Issues

Missy hasn’t been blogging for a while. She actually has been a bit under the weather, so I decided to post on her behalf.

Two weeks ago we noticed that Missy was going to her litter box a lot but either not  weeing, or only weeing a tiny amount. This continued for a few days until two Saturday nights ago, the poor puss kept sitting in her litter box and crying. The poor thing was obviously having trouble weeing.

I looked up my local emergency vets and the next morning called and made an appointment. Luckily there was a very good vet not far from where we live. The vet was kind and gentle.

It turned out that poor Missy had an infection. I don’t know how she got it – she is 100% an inside cat…but I guess these things happen sometimes.

The vet gave her a shot of antibiotics and gave me some antibiotic tablets to give her every day.
By the next morning Missy was much better – weeing as normal and almost totally well again.
I gave her the antibiotics anyway, as instructed – to be sure.
Now she is back to her normal, sweet, cute pussycat self.
I do think she’s been finding the heat a bit much. It wouldn’t be such a problem if she didn’t insist on sitting in the window in the hottest part of the house during the hottest part of the day!

How I Learnt to Write

My fans may be wondering how I learnt to write so well.

The truth is a lot of cats can read, we just don’t always let on.

Cats are very mysterious creatures, you know, and most of us like to remain that way.

Although I am a shy and introverted cat – like many cats – like many human introverts, I am good at expressing myself in words. Words are my thing. It’s just unfortunate that pussy-cat mouths are not well adapted to speaking human languages. So when I open my mouth to say, ‘Mummy, what are you doing?’ it doesn’t come out that way. I have to settle for cute little mews and chirps. That’s life when you’re a cat.

Cats are not good at people talk. Neither are we that good at hearing spoken language. We do hear & understand some things, but reading & writing is just easier for us.

Now, we cats like to sit on paper. We particularly like to sit on newspapers.

How many of you have sat at the table or lay down on the floor to read a newspaper & had your cat come along and sit on top of it? It is a common gripe for persons, no?

But please don’t be upset. It’s not what you think!

There is a common misconception that cats sit on paper for the warmth. There is some truth in that.

But more often than not we are just wanting to read. See, cats are very intelligent, and we learn to read by a form of osmosis. The more we sit on paper with writing on it, the more we are exposed and the better we get at reading.

Nowadays humans tend to read more online (unless you are an old person –  or like cats enjoy the feel of the paper against your body…) so more and more cats try to peek at computer screens and even sit or walk on computer keyboards. This also is a way we learn the rudiments of reading.

Missy helping me study

I know persons tend to teach their little person-kittens to read by first starting with the alphabet. I really don’t understand that. Isn’t it better to show them words and stories first?
Reading before writing, I say!

Yay for osmosis in reading!

But everyone gets tired after studying, right?

Missy napping on desk

We cats are no different. And a nap does wonders!

So there you go, I’ve let you in on our secret.

So next time you see your moggy sitting on a pile of papers, please be patient; your puss is simply learning to read…or perhaps enjoying the warmth & feel of the paper. (It is a delicious feeling after all.)

Well, ciao and miaow for now. XX

P.S. This is my Mummy’s study & me looking outside.
I do like the study! So many books….and so many interesting things to see out the window.

Missy looking out study window from inside out

How to be a Feline Muse

This morning I went in to wake up Mummy.
It was getting late and I hadn’t had my morning intake of love and affection.

‘Rrrow!’ I said, standing at the bedroom door.  Rrow means, ‘Where are you and why aren’t you giving me attention? I need some love!’
The door was open to I went in and jumped up on the bed. Then I padded my way up to the pillow and had a peek. Just then Mummy opened her eyes and looked at me. She gave me the pat I coveted and held out her fingers. I nudged them with my nose before quickly marking her with the side of my mouth.

She began to pat me and got up and patted me some more. It was so comfy there on the bed that I began to do my thing. Quickly Mummy ran to get her phone and immediately began to take photos. *sigh*

Sept 10 shy missySee, I really am a rather shy pussy.

Missy Sept 10 2015

Here Mummy caught me face on. I really am shy tho.
It doesn’t seem to matter. My persons love me anyway.
I’ll let you in on my secret.
If you want to be a muse for a person or persons, it really is quite simple.

Basically all you need to do is the following:

1. Be a cat.
2. Be a nice-natured cat (no hurtful biting or scratching or other nastiness.)
3. Do what comes naturally.

Here is a simple example of me doing my thing:

Sept 10 paw licking missy

Here I am licking my paw.

You wouldn’t believe the reaction I got to this!

Mummy kept cooing and taking pics saying how cute I am.
My persons particularly seem to like it when I do the following (in no particular order:)

1. Clean myself

2. Yawn

3. Stretch

4. Sleep

5. Hunt
6. Look out the window

7. Glance at them

8. Look pussy-cat kisses at them

9 Eat

10. Talk

See how easy it is!?
Thanks to my talents as a feline muse, I am on easy street!
It’s a sweet life.
And my patrons are pretty good….good enough to worship me. He he!
The Egyptians had it right! *Big grin*

If you can add anything else to my list of how to be a feline muse, please do tell!

Ciao and miow for now! XX

The Byrds, The Bird & the Tree

To everything there is a season….turn turn turn…

This is me licking my paw and thinking about that black and white bird.
Behind me is the tree under which my male person buried the bird.

Missy licking paw & plum

Can you see that the flowers are almost gone?
Now it is full of leaves.

Before it looked like this:

Missy & Sun aug 15
Lots of flowers…

And this:

Missy & plum Aug 15

I wonder when the flowers will come back again.
And when will I see that little bird that sometimes visits this tree?
Will I have to wait for a long time, until it gets hot, then cold and then the flowers come again?

What about the black and white bird my male person buried? Will I see it again I wonder…

My female person got me to listen to this song today.
She seems to like music like this. (Whereas my male person prefers classical music.)

And ciao for now.

The Black And White Bird

The other evening my female person came home with a black and white bird.
It wasn’t singing or chattering.
I’m not sure why she brought it inside my home.
I sometimes spy birds outside.
Little ones visit the tree outside my big window.
Sometimes they knock on the glass with their beaks to say hello.
I try to talk to them and mew and chatter back.
But it seems that they can’t hear me.
It’s always disappointing to see them fly off without even saying goodbye.*Sad face*

Sometimes I see magpies but this wasn’t one of them. It was smaller I think.
My female person wouldn’t let me see it properly.
She hid it away in the study.

Over the night she kept popping in and out of the room – presumably to look at the bird.

When it was time for bed I waited for her – on top of the bed.
Finally she came in.
And slept and slept for a long time.

My male person got up before her. And brought the bird out in a box.
It wasn’t moving.
I watched as my male person took the bird outside.
He dug a hole and buried the unmoving bird in it, underneath the tree.
Then he covered it up. And began doing some other things in the garden.
I’m not sure what he was doing, or why the bird wasn’t moving.

What happened to it?
Why was it brought home?
So many things I don’t understand.
At least the sun was warm today.
Lying on sofa with legs outstretched

Food & Prey

What do you like to eat?
What do your persons serve you?
My persons usually serve me big, hard cat biscuits. They’re yummy!
Only lately my male person came home with some little bikkies too.

Now I get a mix of the two and to be totally honest, it’s rather underwhelming. The little ones are easier to eat, sure. But they just aren’t as tasty! Rather disappointing it is.
Sometimes I get little tidbits and tastes of person food. I really like a number of things. You might be surprised at what:

-Chestnuts & chestnut water.
A while back my female person boiled some chestnuts. She put them on my table to peel and so I helped myself to the water. It was nice! And then when I sniffed the chestnuts she gave me a bit of a broken one. I tell you, it was really moreish! Couldn’t get enough of them!

– Lamb mince
Okay. Any mince, really. Mince is good. Except for chicken mince, of course.
My female person tries again and again to feed me that garbage. It really is disgusting!
Why would a person eat chicken…when they could eat lamb or beef or cat biscuits!?
I see my persons eating chicken and I really don’t understand.

Admittedly I don’t mind the stuff if it’s in a sauce. I like to lick soup. Even if it has chicken in it, it usually has lots of other tasty things in it, so I hardly notice.

-Soup & Curry

Yes, I really like saucy stuff. Soups…curries…stews….anything with a sauce, really.

I can’t say what my favourite is; all of the food my female person dishes up usually tastes pretty good.
I think chestnuts might be my favourite, though.
And yoghurt!
Yoghurt is yum!
Once I licked the yoghurt off the top of my female person’s breakfast bowl. I wasn’t really interested in what was underneath….but yoghurt….oooh yoghurt! Soooo good!
And it was just sitting there on my table. That meant it was for me to taste, right?

What are your favourite foods? And do you hate chicken too?
Well, ciao for now.

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
I normally don’t catch my food but sometimes I do –  crickets and moths and stuff like that.
I like to chase things…my mousie (even though I can’t eat it. It’s not a real mouse.)
And here I am with my hunting game.

Missy & leaf toy aug 15 It’s good practice.
I think it’s supposed to smell nice. Sure, it’s interesting, but I prefer for run & chase it.
If its smelling you want, I recommend freshly washed person fur.

Missy sniffing H's clothes

Exploring My Domain

You might think that you know your domain like you know the taste of your own fur, but if you just change perspective, you can find something new.

That’s what I’ve found lately. Again and again I’ve found great hidey-holes; under wardrobes and tables, in cupboards and on sofas.  One of my favourite places is under the clean washing. My persons have an inside washing thingy where they hang their person fur  they called ‘clothes.’ (Sometimes they hang my blankie on it too ‘though.)

When the fur is hanging down it creates a great place to hide. And the smell….aah, lovely! Nothing like the smell of freshly washed fur. (Not sure how they do it because I never see them licking it.)

Lately I have made some new discoveries. I’m curious by nature…

investigating bag

I just want to know….to explore…to learn everything. And so I sniff and scratch, look about and climb.
I’ve found a good route up onto the pantry, across the counter where my female person makes food…across the stove…to the sink. There’s some interesting stuff there.

Exploring pussy Aug 15

Not sure what this thing is, but it sure smells good!
My female person likes to stand around this area, so there’s got to be something special about it. I haven’t discovered what it is yet.

Just on from here is the sink. The water there tastes so much better than the water in my bowl. I wonder why?
From there I can jump up on top of the fridge and look down at everything. I like that. Only I haven’t discovered how to get down from there. I have to half-slide back down to the sink. It’s okay, but I wish there was another way.

Well, that’s the extent of my travels so far. My next plan is to find a way up on top of the bookcase in the study!
If I can conquer that, I’ll have conquered everything!

Ciao fellow feline explorers!

Sunny Days

Lately  it’s been warm a lot & I’ve been soaking up the sunshine.
I have lots of fav places for sunbaking

Missy sunbaking asking what

I don’t know why my female person bothered me here.
She’s always trying to take pics of me!
I rarely leave home & still am constantly followed by paparazzi!

Sunbaking Missy

‘Ye good olde sofa

Missy & Sun aug 15

Missy & plum Aug 15

The plum outside is looking very pretty, don’t you think?
Occasionally we get little flitting things in it.
They chirp & tap on the glass. I do so wish they’d come in and let me play with them.
When they fly off it’s such a disappointment.
Wish I could fly!
Maybe once day…*sigh*

Sleeping Missy Aug 15

Lately it’s been so warm that I don’t even need to curl up on my persons’ bed for warmth at night.

Well, it’s nearly time for my bed right now.
Wonder what my persons are doing?

Ciao for now!

A Note on Names

Everyone has pet names.
It was my carer who named me ‘Missy.’

I had another name before that, but that was a long time ago. Or so it feels.

Now I have lots of names. My male person calls me many things:

‘Missy Nyanpoko-san’


It was my female person who started calling me ‘Nyanpoko’ and ‘Nyanpoko-san.’
But she has many many more pet names for me:
‘Missy Nyanpoko-san’ and of course, ‘Missy.’

I like it. It’s nice to have so  many pet names. I know it’s because my persons love me so much.

They think I’m cute. *grin*

But it actually goes two ways. I have names for them too!
Yeah, I know that they have person names. But whatever. I prefer the pet names I have for them.

They belong to me, after all. I get to name them.
My male person I think of as ‘Smelly male-person’ or ‘Smells-a-lot.’
Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way, mind you.

He goes out into the big ‘outside’ a lot and comes home with his ‘person furs’ smelling of all sorts of things.

I love to sniff his dirty clothes. They smell so fresh and green.

They smell of the sorts of things that my persons bring home sometimes: grass and plants and dirt.
When his furs are washed and hanging up I like to sniff them. They have a different but still nice smell to them then.
(For more on person fur see

Missy sniffing H's clothes

Sometimes I think of my male person as the Cuddle Monster because he likes to give me hugs – which I don’t like.
I know he just wants to hold me because he adores me so much.
It’s not my thing tho. I just put up with it because I like him so much; sometimes we have to do things we don’t really like for the persons we love.

Then there’s my female person. I don’t have as many names for her.
I think of her as ‘Mummy’ and that pretty much sums her up.
Although I do sometimes think of her as ‘Cat person.’

She’s not a cat person like me, but she likes to sleep and look outside. She sleeps more than my male person and likes to play with me. I think maybe she used to be a feline. Or maybe she just wants to be one.
I understand that – who wouldn’t want to be a cat!?
I love being a cat.*Smiley face*

Oh, I almost forgot! I have two more names for her:
She loves to touch my nose for some reason!
I think it’s how she shows her affection.
So to return the affection, I often rub my nose against her outstretched fingers, and then quickly wipe my mouth on her hand – making her mine…mine…MINE! FOREVER!!
smooching 2

Ha ha ha! She has no idea!

I do love my persons!
Well, better go see what Mummy & Smelly-person is up to.

Ciao for now.